Why Drone Inspections are awesome!

The use of drones in cell tower, building facades, roofing, insurance, and real estate  inspection and maintenance is growing rapidly as operators recognize the benefits in terms of time, cost and safety.  Whether for structural and electrical condition checks, bird and pest infestations, storm damage assessment, vegetation management, site documentation or leased equipment audits, we got you in focus.

We use Drone Harmony’s computer automated and controlled Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles software to provide visual evidence quickly and accurately. Our computerized unmanned aircrafts allow for customer viewed real-time streaming video of the actual inspection.
Before the visual inspection begins, a computer-generated 3D model is created of the actual inspection site to ensure all required areas are included. Our software has the capability to run automated and switch to manual to get that second look at the unexpected results.

So, we can see data patterns and/or anomalies and converse in technical and business terms, providing a premium  level of support to our customers. 

It’s no secret why AYRTIME is the No. #1 drone inspection company in the NC triangle area. Our Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) / North Carolina Division of Aviation certified pilots are engineers (wireless, mechanical, electrical), yes actual engineers, and videographers create and apply the unique location and customer focused formula to each individual inspection. The formula includes:

·         Customer requirements

·         Inspection site composites (type of antennas, panel vs. Yagi / building, glass vs. brick / tower, guyed vs. monopole / roof, tar vs. shingles, etc.)

·         Specialized cameras lens and optics

·         Multiple vertical and horizontal camera angles

·         Measured degrees of overlapping camera viewing

·         Drone speed and positioning

·         Mixed 3-D video scanning patterns techniques


We computerize the formula to create an automated drone flight plan to provide our customer a flawless product. While performing this flight pattern, our pilots are able to stop / rewind / add at any point and include any additional customer requirements. This can all be done while the customer is viewing the inspection on their computer in the comfort of their office.


In support to our pilots’ excellent safety record, all of AYRTIME’s state-of-the art drones employ “automated obstruction avoidance” technologies as a catch-net of safety. Our pilots and customer inspections are fully insured.