“IS YOUR EMPLOYER PAYING YOU, WHAT YOU'RE WORTH?"                                                    

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                                                                       Never lose a potential IT opportunity for not knowing it exist. We work with companies across America with all types of IT jobs.

                                                                                                                                                          AYRTIME can make it happen for you.


                                                                       It's simple, we “contract” hire all types of skilled IT personnel. With every resume matched job opportunity, we just contact you, per your     

                                                                       preference (email, phone, etc.), to see if you are interested. Never, never miss an opportunity. No need to keep sending out resumes and your 

                                                                       current employer finds out.


                                                                       Through AYRTIME's business relationships, your resume is submitted in confidence with agreed salary and personalized benefits upfront.

                                                                       This allows you to get paid personalized compensation for what you are worth and what's important to you, not what a company just wants or                                                                                               decides to give all of its staff.

                                                                       Need more salary and less benefits or maybe, less salary and more benefits? You decide!

                                                                       Did you know that many corporations are now basing IT compensation on market demand for specific IT skills?

                                                                                                                                            “Get the compensation and benefits you're really worth!”

                                                                       Are you there yet?

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